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Email is the number 1 internet application. Communicating via email is critical to any business or organization with personnel in the field. Tempest Telecom's connectivity services will allow you to use existing email setups through our network.

Compatibillity with Existing Mail Servers

If your organization operates their own mail server, you will be able to access your own mail server for both sending and recieving via normal recieving and sending ports. This will allow your personnel to use their existing network settings.

SMTP Relaying

If you do not operate your own mail server, sometimes an ISP will block sending of emails when you are not connected directly to the provider's network. Tempest Telecom provides a solution which solves this issue.

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Free Email Compression Software for Satellite Communications

Tempest Telecom provides at no cost to satellite customers free Skymail email accounts which maximize email compression to optimize sending and recieving via satellite. This allows you to save time and money by decreasing the size of the traffic sent over the satellite. The software is free and each email account is also acessible via the web for both sending and viewing mail.

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