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Contacts and Calendars

Enhanced Sharing Policies

Team Benefit: With new, advanced information-sharing and meeting-scheduling tools you can easily and efficiently connect with others. You can share calendars, contact lists, tasks, and other information with a colleague and request to see recipient information at the same time.

Control Calendar Information Access

User Benefit: Using different permissions levels, grant or refuse access on a case-by-case basis to calendar items.

Introducing Calendar Concierge

Team Benefit: The elements of Calendar Concierge make scheduling meetings easier and more reliable increasing productivity and efficiency.

Scheduling Assistant - automatically suggest the best time for a meeting based on the attendees list and resources available. With the color-coded interface, it is no longer necessary to analyze each individual attendees schedule to set up a meeting convenient for everyone.

Resource Booking Attendant - the new resource picker makes it easier to search for and schedule available conference rooms or other resources. Automated and customized resource "accepts" and "declines" avoid room conflicts.

Calendar Attendant - processes requests as they come in even if you're not logged in! Meetings are automatically placed on calendars as tentative so that timeslots do not get overbooked. As updates come in prior updates are marked "out of date" and automatically deleted. Now your calendar is always current and you're never double-booked!

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