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Cisco Systems, Inc.(R)

Cisco Systems, Inc. manufactures and sells networking and communications products and provides services associated with that equipment and its use. The Company's products are installed at corporations, public institutions and telecommunication companies, as well as commercial businesses, and are also found in personal residences. Cisco provides a broad line of products for transporting data, voice and video within buildings, across campuses and around the world. It conducts its business globally and is managed geographically in four segments: the Americas; Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA); Asia Pacific, and Japan.

PalmSource ™

PalmSource, Inc. is a developer and licensor of a software platform that enables mobile information devices. The Company's software platform consists of the Palm operating system and software development tools that mobile information device manufacturers use to develop products from PalmSource's platform. It has also extended its platform with applications such as personal information management software, Web browsers and e-mail. The Company's platform enables manufacturers to rapidly and efficiently create mobile information devices. PalmSource licenses Palm OS to mobile information device manufacturers including Garmin, Handspring, Kyocera, Lenovo (formerly known as Legend), Palm, Samsung and Sony. The Company was formed through a spin-off of Palm, Inc. in October 2003.


Hewlett-Packard Company is a global technology company that operates six business segments: the Imaging and Printing Group (IPG), the Personal Systems Group (PSG), the Enterprise Systems Group (ESG), HP Services (HPS), HP Financial Services (HPFS) and Corporate Investments. IPG provides home and business imaging, printing and publishing devices and systems, digital imaging products, printer supplies and consulting services. PSG provides commercial personal computers (PCs), consumer PCs, workstations, a range of hand-held computing devices, digital entertainment systems, calculators and other related accessories, software and services. ESG offers servers, storage and software solutions. HPS provides a portfolio of information technology services. HPFS provides value-added financial lifecycle management services. Corporate Investments includes HP Laboratories and certain business incubation projects.


Xantic is the result of a merger between Station 12, SpecTec and Telstra Global Satellite. By combining the expertise, knowledge and skills of these companies, Xantic has created an unrivalled portfolio of solutions in an area which is termed CAT: Content, Applications and Transactions. Xantic is one of the world’s leading satellite communications providers, delivering high-level ICT and CAT oriented solutions for people working in business-to-business environments.


France Telecom, through its subsidiaries, offers various telecommunications services, which include fixed line telephony, wireless telephony, multimedia, Internet, data transmission, cable television, and other services to consumers, businesses, and telecommunications operators worldwide. The company operates in six segments: Orange; Wanadoo; Fixed Line, Distribution, Networks, Large Customers, and Operators (FDNLO); Equant, TP Group, and Other International.


In developing its global mobile satellite business Inmarsat has acquired a wide range of in-house skills. Our satellite operations capacity is on offer under contract to outside companies and organizations. With its current nine-satellite constellation and network of ground control and support facilities, Inmarsat has all the experience, expertise and tools to supply a range of spacecraft management services to other operators.
Inmarsat's TOPS (Transfer Orbit and Payload testing Support) programme offers competitive pricing, flexible contracting and proven capability. The highly qualified teams based at Inmarsat's Satellite Control Centre (SCC) in London and three tracking, telemetry and control (TT&C) stations in Italy, China and Canada have built an impressive record in recent years, playing a key role in post-launch transfer-orbit operations.

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