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Internet access via Rbgan is available via 3 different types of plans. Each plan involves costs for Equipment, monthly activation, and bandwidth cost.

Post-paid plans are ideal for light to medium volume users which will be using the terminal for email and occasional web surfing.

Pre-paid plans are ideal for high volume users which will be using alot of bandwidth of an extended period of time. It is also ideal for specific high volume usage applications such as web confrencing or broadcasting.

Shared Service plans are a ideal for sharing the terminal amongst users in a crew environment. It allows individuals to purchase their own prepaid card to use the terminal. This allows multiple individuals to avoid complications with calculating usage after the fact.

Service Comparison
Post-paid Plans Pre-paid Plans Shared Services
Equipment Cost $475 Free $475
Monthly Fee $35 None $35
Bandwidth Cost $7.92 $5.25 $6.50
Ideal for: Variable usage over 1 year High Volume users Retail and Crew environments

If you need help determining what a Mb (megabit) or MB (megabyte) is click here.

The Post-paid Service option is ideal for the individual and organizations that wish to purchase a satellite unit for use over a long period of time but are unsure of when and how they will use it. It is also great for people who will only use the service minimally as a back up connection option. There are 3 costs associated with the Post-paid plan.

Post-paid Plan Fees
Equipment Cost $475
Monthly Fee $35
Bandwidth Cost Zone 1 - Iraq, Afghanistan, Chad $11.60 per MB
Bandwidth Cost Zone 2 - Rest of the World $7.92 per MB

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Tempest Telecom offers several Pre-paid options which are ideal for high volume users. By purchasing data transfer in advance, you can save substantially. Additionally if you do not already have a terminal, with each initial Pre-paid purchase we will provide you a satellite terminal at no charge.

Post-paid Plan Fees
Plan Included MBs Cost per MB Term Price
Silver Plan 600 MBs (200MB / Month) $5.25 / MB 3 Months $3,125
Gold Plan 10 GB $2.44 / MB 6 Months $25,000
Platinum Plan 25 GB $1.76 / MB 12 Months $45,000

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Tempest Telecom's shared satellite service plan is ideal for those wishing to share a satellite terminal amongst a group of users or with in a cyber cafe type of environment. To establish a shared service plan, first the purchase of a Satellite terminal is necessary, the terminal uses a SIM card activated specifically to accept Scratch Cards. Activating this SIM card costs $35 per month with a 12 month minimum.

Once a terminal is set up to accept Scratch Cards, a user can purchase a scratch card from Tempest Telecom. The user then simply attaches their laptop to the Satellite terminal or uses a PC already connected to the Satellite terminal. Once attached the user opens up their web browser and is asked to enter their Scratch Card number. Once authorized they can use the Internet as normal, their remaining balance is displayed on the screen.

Post-paid Plan Fees
Equipment Cost $475
Monthly Fee $35 (12 month min)
Scratch Card Price $6.50 per MB (50 MB min)

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