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Tempest Telecom has been used by thousands of individuals, companies, organizations and governments such as:

  • 13 Fortune 500 Corporations

  • Top International Non-Profit Organizations

  • US Military (Navy/Air Force/NATO)

  • National and Local Governments (US/UK/Japan)

  • Foreign Consulates and Trade Representatives

  • Major Colleges and Universities

  • Top Television and Newspaper Media Corporations

  • International Law Firms

  • International Engineering Firms

  • Plus 1000s of small businesses and individuals around the world...

Tempest Telecom allows these companies to connect their employees to the Internet in a cost effective and easy to use manner. This allows businesses to concentrate on their core business. Because we value our clients privacy as much as they do, we do not disclose specific client names unless we specifically receive permission to do so. Read more about our success stories here

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